Caught Ya!!! -- Capturing Student Thinking
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This is the book that has most dramatically changed how I interact with students in my classroom. I have been working to incorporate several of the "Thinking Routines" into my classroom culture and daily conversation structures. I'd love to talk with you about my experiences. Until you get access to the book, you might want to explore the Thinking Routines as they are shared here on the Project Zero: Visible Thinking website.
What first inspired my search for resources and supports to focus my attention on student thinking (as opposed to student activity) was a short clip of a presentation by Annie Fetter, the link to which was shared during a Twitter #mathchat. Her presentation was titled "Ever Wonder What They'd Notice? (if only someone would ask)". You might find it as interesting as I did:

Watch "Strangers: A Short Film" and ask me how it transformed my Grade 7 classroom.

Documentation: There is a strong connection between making thinking visible and documentation. If you already explored the entire Project Zero: Visible Thinking website through the link shared above, you may have already read their thinking about this. If not, you might like to explore the documentation portion of their research which they shared here. This pedagogical documentation can prove to be so helpful because it allows students to build on the thinking/ideas of others and revisit their thinking from previous days and teachers to re-examine student thinking/learning so as to better enable them to provide the "just right" instruction. I have experience using AudioBoo, Fotobabble, VoiceThread, and various screencasting apps (ShowMe, EduCreations & Explain Everything) to capture student thinking and Evernote to organize and save these captures. I'm happy to share what I've learned and I'm hoping you might have something new to share with me.


To explore any one (or more!) of these apps on your own, click on the image above or explore the links shared in this On Your Own document

You might also like to read the Ministry of Education's monograph related to documentation:
Pedagogical Documentation.

Please drop by to put yourself in the shoes of a student to experience the thinking routines and to practise using the various web tools and apps to capture your thinking. I'm looking forward to our conversations!

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