Doc Like A Rock Star!

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I'm not a "Google Certified Teacher" but I do know a thing or two about how I've used Google Docs to "Doc Like a Rock Star!"

Join me as I show you the basics-- getting your instruments together-- of using Google Docs to collaborate with students and staff alike. Then we'll get our Set List together -- we'll go through the ins and outs, benefits and features of Google Doc. Plus, with sharing settings we'll peak at how a whole class can drop you an assignment like THAT and how to provide meaningful feedback to students along the way! Then we'll learn from your Roadies and Fans -- there's a huge community on Twitter and online where you can pick up great Docs ideas, and we'll go through some of the best of 'em from Google Certified Teachers. We'll do an Encore like any good Rock Star and explore a few hot tips and tricks you might not have known about Docs, and finally, get ready to Go on Tour-- how to use Google Docs to collaborate with students and teachers around the world!

For the newbie Rock Star to veteran, everyone's sure to pick up a great idea on how to implement Google Docs into their learning and teaching! Please bring your laptop and power cord to the session.

Before our time together, create a Google Account (if you don't have one already). Simply click the image below and follow the online instructions.

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Still unsure if "Docs" are for you? Have a look below at, "Google Docs in Plain English."

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