Connecting and Collaborating in the Classroom and with the World

Want to harness the power of free online tools to promote collaborations and connections within your classroom? See how tools such as blogs, social media, and interactive websites motivate students to show, share, and engage with other learners. Discover how to use these tools to step out of your room and connect with classrooms within your region and around the world. Learn about global projects that address a variety of curriculum areas for various grades. Participants will be able to see classroom examples of tools and projects that met a variety of academic goals and learner needs.

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Twitter in the Classroom
Classroom Example:

Additional resources found on the web:
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Blogging with Students
Classroom Example:

Additional resources found on the web:
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EDMODO - social network for schools

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Global Read Aloud Project
Examples of past involvement:
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Projects By Jen
OREO project sample:

Holiday Card Exchange sample using Bill Atkinson's Photocard App:

Picture It! sample:
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Mystery Skype & Skype in the Classroom
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Travelling Mascots & Characters
Classroom Example:
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Digital Pen Pals

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Past Projects (Ideas and Inspiration)

Write On Progressive Story Writing:

Teapot Project:

Global Art Show:
Other Global Projects and Resources:

Rock Our Word:

Flat Connections: