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Students of all ages love playing and exploring yet are often provided little time in school to engage in these activities. Jeff Pelich is a teacher in a grade 7/8 classroom for students with a variety of behaviour and learning exceptionalities. In an effort to engage these vulnerable students more fully in their learning, video games, technology tinkering, and other technologies have become the backbone of our classroom. This session will provide an overview to Jeff's classroom, his research into the struggles of our most challenging students, and how educators can easily use technology to enhance engagement and student achievement for those students that challenge us the most.
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Minecraft is a fantastic tool and one that students love. However, it isn't for everyone with many non-gaming teachers finding it challenging to learn and understand. Luckily there are many video games that we can use to engage our students!

In my Thursday session, I will talk about three different ways I have connected video games to learning:

1) Games to connect to learning,
2) Games as learning,
3) Games as an extension of learning.

Below are just some of the games that will be explored during the Minds on Media session on Friday and they will address all three ways to use video games in the classroom. Discover the inner-gamer in you (chips, candy, and all!) and visit this station. Devices will be ready and loaded with these amazing tools so that you can play and experiment.

Each game includes a Google Doc called "Activity Ideas." At the beginning of the document are the critical questions and lessons that I used with my students. Throughout Minds on Media, we will be collaboratively adding more ideas and resources.

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Available on: PC, Mac, iOS, Android
Developer Website
Activity Ideas
Available On: XBOX 360
Developer Website
Activity Ideas
Available On: iOS, Android, Mac, PC, XBox, PS
Developer Website
Activity Ideas

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Available On: Mac, PC, iOS, Android
Developer Website
Activity Ideas
Available On: Mac, PC, iOS
Developer Website
Activity Ideas

Other Great Games:

- Botanicula
- Angry Birds
- Tiny Bang Story
- Lost Wind
- Skeeball
- Stratosphere
- Waking Mars
- Gesundheit
- Wipe Out
- Galaxy On Fire 2
- Flick Fishing HD