Get In the Driver's Seat with Google Drive!

Christina Rzazewski-Rodney

A link to my presentation and resources:


external image Google-Drive.png

Are you looking for ways to get your own work and your student work in one central location? Are you looking to seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues and students? Get in the driver’s seat with Google Drive! In this workshop, beginners will get a chance to PLAY using Google’s wide range of free tools for student and teacher collaboration and creation, including Google docs, Google presentations, Google forms, Google drawings, WeVideo, and other apps from Google. Participants will walk away with real classroom lessons, rubrics, student samples and more! View the slides below for a sneak peak of what you'll learn.

What you will get to work with:
  • Google Forms
  • Google Drawing
  • Google Slides
  • Loupe Collage
  • Mindmeister
  • WeVideo